Hello. I'm Harrie, a full stack web developer, adventurer, aspiring maker, lifelong learner, environmentalist, avid coffee drinker, dreamer and continuous improver currently living in Amsterdam.

Well, more accurate this is what I am aspiring to be. Mostly I just love building and making things to improve people’s lives. From a young age I was drawn to the magic and opportunity of the internet, what has resulted in my ability to craft digital products as a full stack web developer.

Today I split my time between freelance work, side projects such as Getgoodcopy and Clean Air Monitor and enjoying life. I enjoy thinking and contributing to the bigger challenges we face today, trying to keep our society functioning in a sustainable, healthy and equal manor.

Full stack web integrator

I started building my first websites about 15 years ago, and have learned a lot since those early days. As a full stack web integrator, someone with familiarity in each stack layer, if not mastery in many and a genuine interest in all software technology, I see myself as a jack of all (web) trades. In different projects over time I have worked on each of the layers of the stack, from the server, network and hosting environment, backend, frontend, design, branding all the way up to user experience and translating the needs of the business to a digital product experience.

Want More?

You can follow up on what I am currently doing on the now section of my website. If you have questions, suggestions, remarks, want to work with me, meet up or are just looking to say hi, feel free to message me on Twitter.