I want to learn Spanish. I want to read books. I want to work on my side project. I want to play tennis. I want to improve my coding skills. I want to improve my french. I want to write well researched articles. I want to learn Japanese. I want to keep a journal of all my thoughts. I want to mediate. I want to freelance. I want to do a crazy amount of things, do you feel the same?

Today I realised, I cannot do it all. Not only do I want all these things, I want them today. Sure, on a intellectual level I know I cannot do these things. But, wait, maybe I can. No, I cannot. In today’s society I feel we hear a lot of succes stories of people who seem to have it all. The overnight success, and I read about this, so I know about this.

But do I really know about this, or did it somehow subconsciously trigger some comparing game. The first step is acknowledging the situation, observe it from a distance. Why do I want this? Do I really want this? Can I make priorities?

I just realised today, so I don’t expect an answer tomorrow. But my first order of business is to figure out how much time I actually have during the week, minus all the things I “must” do. Hopefully I can realise that, I can want all these things, but I cannot do them all this week or month or year. And you know what, that is ok.