Blog Challenge; A post mortem

It has been over a month now since I started my blogging challenge, and I just passed the one third mark. However, today I decided it is time to abandon the challenge in its current form. After stopping, and restarting again a week ago I was unable to write again in the last few days. As my writing is becoming more infrequent, I decided it was time to re-evaluate the 100 day challenge.

What am I doing it for?

The goal of the challenge was to kickstart my blog writing “career” after previous attempts all failed before I even started. In that regard, it has worked, I have been steadily writing “something” every day. And I guess I can now call myself a blogger of sorts.

In addition, I wanted to improve my writing skills. Although I inevitably made some improvements, I do not feel that I have made great leaps. During the challenge I found little time for: feedback, thorough research, reading up on how to improve your writing, a challenge where I would write in a different style and many other things. The downside of only having or taking 20 min a day.

Quality, quantity and direction

The challenge has been rewarding, but not always as fun. Often times I needed to go out of my way to make some time to write a short piece. The short piece was often just a quick brain fart, and of low quality and value. I do enjoy the writing, and sharing my opinion and knowledge. But the low quality is making me feel bad as I feel I cannot give my best.

Next to that I never decided on what topics I was going to write about. The initial thought was that this would become clear after starting. I still think this was a good idea, in the past overthinking often stopped me from achieving goals. However, I do feel I want to write for an audience. And for that I do need to have some clear vision of what I want to write about.

The writing without an audience is also feeling a bit useless. As I wrote a lot of the pieces it seems silly to write them for my own enjoyment. It would be nice to add value to other people’s lives in addition to my own.

What kind of articles am I writing?

My writing style has been personal and focused around myself. There have been a few articles that have been writing more around the topic of the article, but the majority is just my personal experience. I never wanted my blog to be my personal diary, but somehow it has become just that.

Priorities and what to do next

Looking at my available time I feel that the 3 hours a week I spend writing short pieces could be better spend. Moving forward I want to go to a schedule of a single blog post per week, with more depth, different writing styles, and more focused around one topic. In the end I want to write interesting articles that I can publish on other platforms as well. Quality content is the goal. This then is definitely not the end, rather this is a new beginning. So onwards!