Blog update

It has been a week since I started with a blog schedule in order to get some structure into my writing. So far I enjoy the structure, as it narrows down the topics to write about. I was afraid it might limit me in my inspiration, but that hasn’t happened so far. As I look at my blog and writing today there are a number of area’s I want to address.

Quantity vs Quality

As you might have noticed, the majority of the posts I write are not what I would personally consider “high quality”. The down side of writing a blog post each day, on the day itself. Creating a well thought of article requires, for now, a lot of time in research, self reflection, ordering, writing and rewriting.

Some of the posts I created have topics I would like to create into full fledged articles. Given my busy schedule I don’t see a point in the near future where I will have the ability to take more time per article. I guess for now the challenge is to start writing very useful, but short, stories and articles to improve the quality.

Writing style

I haven’t had the time to reflect on my own writing. Even worse, I rarely read back any of my blogs. Again time is limited, but it would be good to start reflecting back on earlier work and see improvements. In addition I found some great articles on how to become a better writer, however I haven’t had the time to read and implement them.


Since creating the website about 1,5 month ago I haven’t changed much to the technical structure. Each post requires me to copy paste a previous one, update all the html and then update the index.html to point to the new article. Followed by some git interaction and a deploy on the server.

It was already tedious from the start, but I have become much quicker in the whole operation. Still it does requires to much effort, so I am looking forward to the day where I can automate the generation of posts to some sort of system.


This was post 25, which means I am already a quarter of the way there. It feels great to be able to stick to the challenge, even tho it has meant some awkward moment where I had to work on my blogpost. . . At the same time there is still so much to improve, and that is what keeps me motivated.