Building my own website

I cannot believe I am finally writing down these lines. A very very small step for humankind, but a huge leap for myself. I have been wanting to build my own personal website for a few years now, but I never managed to finish it. Last year I put it on my quarterly goal for quarter 3 and later quarter 4, only to finish in Q1 2017, but I don't care I did it!

I have started designing more than 20 times before, however I always aimed high, very high, unrealistically high. When it would not be as nice as some of the things I had seen online, Thank you dribbble, I lost focus, got frustrated and before long focused on something else. To circle back to the idea of building a personal website a few weeks later. I now try to focus on shipping the product, focus on the journey, be kind to myself and only take one small step at a time.

What do we have so far?

Static HTML pages, and a custom made responsive design. I build the website using a gulp script (webpack really felt overkill), SCSS with Susy framework, breakpoints and following BEM conventions (sort of).

The wish list

So, the website is far from done, but I have a starting point. The main focus up until this point was getting it online, now it's time to make it polish and shine. Still lots of work to be done, including:

I will continue to update this post as well as the now page. In addition, I hope I can turn a lot of the items into blog posts.