False start

Despite the best intentions, I seem to have “failed” my writing challenge on the first day. Ouch... I am sure it’s some kind of record, but not really something I feel very proud off. Two days ago, I started my writing challenge at the end of a long day feeling pumped up.

What happened

The initial plan, getting up early and write something, got overruled by my early morning desire to snooze. Getting up early is still not something I am good at. I guess I should make rise and shine my new alarm clock.

The next plan was to write something during the day during my lunch break or after work. And then it went wrong, once at work I was swamped. I didn’t think about writing a blog post once.

The final opportunity was after work, even though I had a goodbye party straight after. I still had my laptop and could have just spend the next 20 minute writing a quick update. Never did the thought occur and I was happily on my way.

Finally, when I came home, and checked out the crazy drop of bitcoin, I realised I set myself a challenge to write. By then it was a little after midnight, and a little to late…


So here we go again, but how to build the habit. First I will print out a calendar to mark of the days I have writing as visualisation (great topic for a next post). Next I will setup a daily reminder in my calendar for now. Third I will continue to try to get up early and write in the morning. On hectic days or the weekend, I will try to preplan the day to write.