Getting started...

At last! I don’t know how long I have been thinking about starting my own blog, but now it finally exists. I have contemplated using tools such as wordpress, ghost or medium to get my writing “career” of the ground but as a developer that never felt like the best option. When I started designing this website I decided that the main focus should be around my writing, and thus here we are, getting started on my very own blog.

What to write about?

I am interested in a broad range of fields, but if I always have something interesting to say will remain to been seen. The main focus will be around:


It remains to be seen if I will stick to a planning, or just write whenever I feel like it. I might even start writing about totally different topics than I initially thought. All is possible, and nothing is written in stone. I have no detailed plans, my current approach is just to get started and see if it something for myself or that other people might enjoy it as well. It will be interesting to look back in a year or so and see what has become of my blogging ambitions.