Happy Earth Day


Happy Earth Day everyone! I for one am very happy earth is still around and kicking. If you surfed the internet today I am sure you encountered the celebration somewhere, and that is a good thing. In today’s world, specially with the recent shift in politics, the earth needs all the attention it can get.

It sometimes feels so strange to think that we, as humans, are destroying our one and only home. It is so fragile, yet we seem only occupied by other problems and look to short term gains. Perhaps easy to say if you have a good life, like we do in the western world, but even here not many people really care. The intent is often there, but turning that into action is hard.

I think mainly because it is so hard to find out what is actually good for the planet. I do feel corporations have a large part to play in this struggle though. Personally I will continue to do my part and try to be mindful of the planet. I am not even close, but the small steps hopefully will help in the end. And that in the end is all I can do try, improve, share.