I need an archive

Yes, I need an archive for my posts because the list on the landing page is becoming a little bit to long. The original design only left room for my latest four posts and finish with a link to “older posts”. Up to this point I never made such an archive, but I am not happy where my landing page is going.

Building a website on the go, rather than thought out at launch, is an interesting experience. As I write more posts and expand the website the original design doesn’t really seem to fit. For instance the menu in the header text won’t accommodate all the different sections, so I am looking at adding a menu. I really need tags to I can hide some of my junk posts (this one included). And I would really like to have some automated post generator, so I can stop making more copies of posts ;)

Like I said before it is never the lack of time, only priority. Hopefully I can continue working on tomorrow.