Internet Infrastructure

Times are changing in internet infrastructure, and for the better! I remember, and starting to feel old, that the only way to host your website was pretty much own a physical server and rent rack space at a hosting company. Shortly after you could buy shared hosting, PHP and Apache the default recipe. You payed a lot for data traffic and even for each e-mail account.

Those days are now long gone, and infrastructure has changed. Ever since server virtualisation has become mature, and hardware prices kept dropping, renting your own virtual server has become quick and cheap.

I have used most of the modern platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Heroku and my personal favourite Digital Ocean. I haven’t yet played around with the next iteration, containers (with docker) or projects like serverless. So far none of the projects I worked on had the resources or requirements to put it into place.

In the end I think infrastructure will disappear as something to really worry about and be fully automated. Just press a button and your applications are live, scalable, load balanced, cached for a fraction of the resources it cost today!