Local factory,
global products

I enjoy thinking about the possibilities of new technologies and their potential application. Recently my mind wandered about the globalisation we have seen in the last decades. In particular about all the parts we make all over the world. Mass production has its scale advantage, however it requires a huge amount of transport around the globe.


What if we could design products globally but have very localised production. I wonder if this would be possible. If robotics, 3D printing, etc become cheaper and more sophisticated would a small factory in a city or town be able to build pretty much anything?

I understand the implications, and presuambly it won’t work for everything. But for a large catalog of products it might be a perfect solution. This way the product can be made to order, and even cooler, to specification. Want this lamp but slightly larger, or maybe rounder, no problem just change the make settings and the factory will produce it. I can’t wait for this to happen, and if I have to wait to long I guess I will have to see and build it.