Morning routine

I feel having a morning routine can greatly benefit your productivity throughout the day. Sadly, I don’t have a morning routine other than showering and breakfast. In the past I tried out various activities in the morning, from exercise, meditation and reading. None of them stuck.

Maintaining any habit in the morning always seems to be derailed by the weekends. My week days are predictable, and I aim at arriving at my office at 9. This makes it easy to plan. However, in the weekends a lot of things happen, I might wake up late and have other responsibilities.

To change my morning habits, I am going to try and incorporate one task each morning: making a to-do list for the day. Before I start to do anything, or go to work, I will sit down and plan my day. Look at my existing to-do lists, figure out what has priority and what is possible given my schedule. I addition I will try to read the Getting Things Done book for a process for maintaining those to-do list.