New ideas

I feel like I am running around in circles, writing the same thing: I am too busy. Same goes for my projects, after finishing my air quality project page I haven’t had time to do anything else. I did however have an idea, or better said, an addition to a long hold idea.

Since I have nothing else to share, I will share the project idea I had. The concept is not new, it would be a magazine style website and blog discussing ways to improve yourself. It would feature all areas, such as eating, exercise, mediation, automation, finance, etc. Nothing new on it’s own, many of these website exists.

The unique idea would be to have a community behind the magazine, to share the stories of people who tried to improve themselves. In combination with offering tooling such as messaging, co-op goals, goal tracking, etc. The whole idea would be to create a community of people that can make each other better by pushing each other. As I noticed that doing things with other people pushes me to try harder myself.

The idea needs some refinements, and other than a subscription model I have no idea how a business model would work. The most important thing tho, is to create an environment where people are able to reach new levels that hadn’t expected to ever reach. And for them to be more successful and happier than they have ever been.