What am I doing now?

Currently at home in Amsterdam.

- After just launching my personal website I want to continue development and improve it. Some of the things I am considering are SSL encryption, http2 and converting the website to using a static site generator or platform such as Ghost.

- The new website will hopefully trigger me to start writing blog posts. My goal is to improve my writing, and see what topics I enjoy writing about.

- My current side project is building an air quality measurement station based on an Arduino Uno and a bunch of sensors. Electronics is a new field for me, but I find it very interesting. For now its just for fun, once I have a working station I want to see the impact of plants on the air quality.

- Trying to excursive at least twice a week, and be outside for a minimum of 30 minutes each day.

- Read 1 book every 2 weeks.

Last update on March 7th, 2017 – The now page is inspired by Derek Sivers.