On not making a decision

Not making a decision is in fact also a decision, to do nothing. It sounds so straight forward, yet I never thought about making decisions in this way. Turns out this is a favourite decision strategy of mine, that doesn’t always turn out right.

Whenever faced with challenges or questions they can have a wide spectrum of answers or solutions. Sometimes it is obvious for me what I want or what the solution should be. Other times however, there is no clear winner, either option seems equally good or bad. These decisions are hard, and so far, I haven’t really looked at how to handle them.

We make so many choices every day, what clothes to wear?, do I buy a coffee?, should I buy a house?, should I date this girl or guy?, etc. It feels strange to me that we are not particularly trained or taught in making decisions. To be fair the education system doesn’t teach you much about live, mostly applied knowledge.

And looking at humanity, we are facing many challenges, but often choose not to decide. Examples include climate change or the growing population of humans, on a planet that cannot even sustain the current number. By not doing or addressing anything we are making a choice, a choice to let the earth overpopulate and let the problem “solve” itself in whatever horrible way that might be. Not deciding then, should be an active choice.