Personal Goals

I never cared much about personal goals for most my life. But, somewhere at the end of my studies I became interested in the concept of continuous learning. As my studies where ending I realised I would no longer be studying, and I could be learning whatever I wanted!

Looking back, I think the concept of continuous learning entered my mind when reading books and blogs. Although the concept was not new, I mostly feel I was lazy before or simply not motivated.

Setting goals

Improving yourself feels fun, but needs a little direction as well. In the beginning, I left it to chance, but this resulted in a few days of intense learning with long pauses in between. To book results, I felt I needed to create more consistency. I haven’t found the perfect system for myself yet, but I keep iterating.

In my current system, I set yearly and quarterly goals. I am looking at creating 5 year plans as well, but so far, I haven’t managed to get that far ahead of myself. The quarterly goals are just small steps I need to take to reach my yearly goal.

This way I will only start working on some things in quarter 4 of this year, but that is fine with me. It requires some more discipline, but I know the result will be worth it.

Achieving goals

I must admit I haven’t made all my goals so far, and this is mostly due to forgetting to check my quarterly goal list regularly enough to act. However, as my life doesn’t depend on it taking it easy is fine with me as well.

I will be looking out for other tools you can use to track your progress, and once I figure out what works for me I will share it with you.