Projects update

Time for my first project update! When starting this blog I had big ideas to create a special section on my website about the projects I am working on. As you might have noticed the section still isn’t finished.

I am fast approaching a deadline for a contest I want to enter, this Friday. It is a city challenge to improve the quality of live in the city, and it matches one of my current projects perfectly. So the projects page has the highest priority from this point forward as I need it to qualify for the competition (I think).

Project: Clean Indoor Air

I know, not really the most inspiring working title but for now it will have to do. In short what I want to achieve is human optimised micro climates indoors. The business would be a service model where I would sell clean air to people (rather than selling equipment). The system, as of now, consists of a air quality measurement station, plants, and additional tools to optimise the microclimate (filters, humidifiers, etc).

The first step of the project is to determine the air quality, as knowing the air quality will allow me to determine the required steps to improve. In addition this allows me, and anybody else to see the results of changing the micro climate.


Currently I working on the air quality measurement station. I am working from an Arduino Uno and bought a lot of sensors from china to measure CO2, NO2, Humidity, Temperature, Volatility Gasses, Light, etc.

There is still a lot of work remaining programming, calibrating the system. I will also need to work on a design for the casing. The current focus is however on setting up a project page so I can let people know I am working on this.

I hope to post some more details about the system soon... Very soon if I want to make my deadline in 2 days!