Short project update

I talked about it before, but I finally managed to put my project page live! It feels great to set your mind to something, have a deadline, and finish it. At this moment I have two projects that I spend a time on, my website and my clean indoor air quality project.


Although my blogging is going steady, I have limited time to push real updates of my website. I made some small tweaks, added some animations, and today changed the header of the blog post. It is moving forward very slowly, but moving forward never the less. It will require a free day to sort out all the designs for the next version, but I have some great ideas ;)

Clean Indoor Air Project

I managed to submit an application for a grant last Friday for my clean indoor air project. They where looking for smart city initiatives, and I felt my project was the right fit. In the end I made sure this was on top of my mind all the time, and every free moment I had I worked on the page. It is by far what I had in mind, but it is a first version.

Unfortunately applying for the grant has taken me last two weeks, so the actual project has seen little progress. The next step is to continue building the prototype, and see if I can start writing blogs about my experience with the Arduino. If I manage to get the grant I will also be building a website for the project.

Other projects

I still have ton of projects waiting in my todo list. But for now the focus is on the clean indoor air project. As my freelance jobs have picked up as well I am struggling to find free time in combination with my full time job.