Spending the day outside

It is easter in the Netherlands, and I am spending the weekend at my parents place situated in the countryside. Part of the family is dropping by, and our plans include a hike and shared dinner.As children we used to hike during the holidays abroad, but we never walked that much closer to home.

We decided to take a few routes from a long trail combining 3 trips to form a 15 kilometre hike. We would drive to the start point, and the hike would bring us back to my parents house. It took us roughly 3,5 hours, including breaks. The hike wasn’t spectacular, yet the views and windy forest paths where very enjoyable. A nice diversion from everyday life in Amsterdam.

It allowed me to reflect, talk things over, and spend a few hours in outdoor air. Combined with the exercise value, and I wonder why I don’t do trips like this more often. For now I am just enjoying my chair and a cold beverage.