Starting a Challenge

It has been 3 weeks since I launched my website, and since launching I have done... well... nothing. My ambition to start writing blog posts still stands, but I haven’t set any deadlines or setup a schedule for writing. As it turns out nothing really happens out of thin air so in move forward I need to change something. A while ago I hit upon an interesting article from Thain Simon discussing this very issue.


The idea sounds simple but feels very hard to pull off. Write 100 words each day for 100 days' total. No limitations on what to write just to write a minimum of 100 words to prevent tweet like behavior. Why do it in this way, first its only 100 words, this will mean its quick thoughts no lengthy essays or high expectations. Second, its a challenge or game where the goal is never to miss a day. Sounds like a great use case of the Jerry Seinfeld chain.



I will soon dedicate a special section on my website to the 100 stories I write, as I have no idea what the quality will be. Since I don’t have that section yet I will just publish them under my normal posts as waiting to finish is just another excuse not to start. I hope you will join me for the ride. And with that final dot the first post is finished!